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Urgent Health Alert – Exposure to Paraquat, a grass and weed pesticide banned in the European Union (EU) since 2007, has been found to be a significant risk factor in the development of Parkinson’s Disease among farmers, agricultural workers, chemical mixers, and even residents of rural areas near farms and other areas where pesticides are sprayed. If you or a loved one suffered Parkinson’s and were exposed to Paraquat, significant compensation may be available. Click on the photo below and complete the short online form to qualify today.

Allegations Raised in Paraquat Lawsuits

Lawsuits brought against the makers of paraquat are expected to raise the following legal claims:

  • Failure to adequately research the potential link between paraquat and Parkinson’s disease;
  • Failure to properly warn consumers about the possibility of paraquat exposure significantly increasing a person’s risk of developing Parkinson’s disease;
  • Failure to ensure that workers exposed to paraquat on the job received suitable protection against the possible side effects of the pesticide;
  • Failure to warn residents living near farms where paraquat is sprayed about the health effects exposure to the pesticide could cause;
  • Negligent disregard of potential paraquat health risks; and
  • Misrepresentation of Paraquat’s safety.

Paraquat Brand Names


  • Paraquat
  • Blanco
  • Bonfire Herbicide
  • Devour
  • Firestorm
  • Gramoxone
  • Helmquat
  • Para-Shot
  • Parazone
  • Quik-Quat

Paraquat Lawsuit Information

"Paraquat is incredibly toxic to humans. A lethal dose for the average person is about 2.5 grams."

A growing body of evidence has raised awareness about the potential health risks of paraquat exposure, not only among licensed applicators and farm and agricultural workers who regularly mix, handle and apply paraquat, but also among people living in rural areas where the pesticide is routinely sprayed, many of whom had no prior knowledge of the pesticide’s presence in the environment and its potential health impact. Attorneys are now reviewing and filing cases on behalf of farmers, agricultural workers and others exposed to paraquat, either directly due to occupational exposure or indirectly as a result of paraquat spraying near their homes.

One of the first paraquat lawsuits was filed in October 2017 against paraquat makers Syngenta and Growmark (and later, Chevron Chemical), on behalf of farmers and agricultural workers who were exposed to paraquat and subsequently developed Parkinson’s disease. More recently, a paraquat lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of Illinois in February 2021 by a man who alleges that he developed Parkinson’s disease after working on his family’s farm for more than 40 years, during which time he was regularly in or near fields where paraquat had been sprayed. Furthermore, the plaintiff claims that for at least ten of those years, he regularly mixed, loaded and applied the toxic pesticide to the fields of his family’s farm.

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