Testosterone Therapy Leads

Buy Testosterone Therapy Leads (Low T Leads) Direct

If your law firm or marketing company is looking to purchase real time testosterone therapy or Low-T Treatment leads or Testosterone therapy intakes, contact us today. The Consumer Safety Watch network can produce 100s of testosterone therapy leads per week via a combination of organic inquiries, social media inquires and cost per click inquiries from our network of IVC filter and consumer advocate websites.

IVC Filter Lead Details

  • Straight to your inbox or lead management system
  • Always produced in the United States using 100% acceptable methods
  • Fresh leads from incoming marketing and organic results
  • Criteria customized to your needs
  • Produced via call or form

Testosterone Therapy Criteria Options

  • Year(s) of use
  • Brands and/or types of testosterone used in treatment, Androgel,Testim, Axirim, Androderm, other
  • Injuries resulting from testosterone use
  • Location: Address, city, state and zip
  • Contact: Phone and email
  • Attorney status

Testosterone Therapy lead source sites:

http://lowtlawsuit.net/ – This site is one of the most popular sites linked from Facebook for discussion of testosterone complication related issues.

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit Facebook page

Consumer Safety Watch

Testosterone Therapy Intake Details

If you are looking for someone to handle Testosterone Therapy intakes, please contact us today to discuss details. Call 877-920-4111 right now or complete the form on this page and we will get back to you with more information.