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If your law firm or marketing company is looking to purchase live Talcum Powder leads or Ovarian Cancer intakes, contact us today. The Consumer Safety Watch network can produce 100s of Talcum Powder leads per week via a combination of organic inquiries, social media inquires and cost per click inquiries from our network of Talcum Powder and consumer advocate websites.

Why are there talcum powder lawsuits?

Talcum powder is in many products and cosmetics that are purchased in the United States and worldwide. It has been linked by some reports and studies to ovarian cancer for decades. Some companies like Johnson and Johnson aggressively marketed their talcum powder based products for use in feminine hygiene evening having a product that was marketed for that primary purpose. Currently analysis of ovarian cancer cells are identifying talcum powder specifically in the cancer cells. It appears from internal documents that Johnson and Johnson was aware of the connection yet covered it up in the name or profits. It was a choice of profits over lives. recently there have been a series of cases targeting Johnson and Johnson in ovarian cancer cases and one recent case came back with a verdict of $72 million for the family of a women who had passed from ovarian cancer.

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