95% of School Lunches Contain Levels of Roundup Chemical, Glyphosate

Roundup makers Bayer and Monsanto have agreed to remove glyphosate from residential Roundup products by 2023, yet concerns about the potential long-term health effects of exposure to the weed killer remain. According to a new report issued late last month by the nonprofit group Moms Across America, 95% of lunches served in schools across the country contain levels of glyphosate, which has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other potentially life-threatening health problems. If you or someone you love has suffered cancer or another serious illness allegedly caused by exposure to Roundup, do not hesitate to speak to a knowledgeable Roundup cancer lawyer about your legal options. Contact Consumer Safety Watch right away to find out if you may be eligible to file a claim against Bayer and Monsanto for your injuries.

Glyphosate, Other Toxic Chemicals Found in School Lunch Samples

Roundup is a broad-spectrum herbicide used extensively in both commercial agricultural and residential applications throughout the United States. Although Roundup is primarily sprayed on crops, orchards, and lawns for the purpose of killing unwanted weeds and grasses, the product is also widely used as a crop desiccant, or drying agent, for wheat and other grains. As a crop desiccant, Roundup is used to dry out crops before harvest, a highly controversial practice that allows for the mass contamination of many of the essential “healthy” foods we eat on a daily basis, like bread, oatmeal, and other products made from wheat, oats, and barley. Roundup’s use is so ubiquitous, in fact, that the Moms Across America report, which tested 43 lunch samples taken from public schools in 15 states across the country, found the chemical in 100% of the wheat products used in school lunches nationwide. Overall, more than 95% of the school lunches that were tested – a sample meant to represent the 30 million genetically modified meals served to U.S. school children every day – contained “carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, and liver disease-causing glyphosate.” 

In addition to glyphosate, the school lunch report tested for the presence of other toxic pesticides, as well as heavy metals, hormones, veterinary drugs, and essential nutrients. According to the findings, 74% of the samples contained at least one of 29 harmful pesticides, nine school lunches contained four veterinary drugs and hormones at levels up to 130.76 ng/g, and 100% of the school lunches contained heavy metals at levels up to 6,293 times higher than the EPA’s maximum levels permitted in drinking water. Essential nutrients, on the other hand, were sadly lacking. “These test results of the school lunches show us that we have a national crisis on our hands,” stated Moms Across America Director Zen Honeycutt in a press release issued on September 28, 2022. “Our government is allowing our children to be poisoned with a shocking number of toxins that contribute to various health, behavioral, and learning issues. In addition, the nutrient density of the food is almost completely deficient, leaving our children’s bodies starving for nutrients, unable to develop properly, and lacking nutrients that their brains need to learn and make sound decisions.”

Impact of Toxic Agrochemical Use on U.S. Food Supply

The shocking results of the school lunch report were issued the same day the White House held its first Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health in 50 years, a nationwide project that seeks to end hunger, improve nutrition and physical activity, and reduce diet-related diseases and disparities among Americans. According to Moms Across America, a logical first step in reaching this goal is ensuring that U.S. school children have access to safe, non-toxic, and nutrient-rich foods. “It is [our] intention that the leaders of this nation address the issue of toxic agrochemical use in the food supply and its impact on nutrient density, human health, and our children.” If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer or suffered another adverse health outcome and you believe Roundup weed killer to be the cause, contact Consumer Safety Watch as soon as possible. You may have grounds to file a Roundup injury lawsuit against Bayer and Monsanto, and an experienced Roundup cancer attorney can help you with your claim. 

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