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What is Consumer Safety Watch?

Consumer Safety Watch is a consumer advocate organization that helps fight for individuals and families that have been injured as a result of negligent products, medical devices or drugs and pharmaceutical products.

The big pharmaceutical firms, medical device makers, insurance companies and corporations have millions to pay attorneys, investigators, and doctors to protect their financial interests. It is nearly impossible for an individual or family to take on these companies alone. Those affected need an organization that protect their rights and help victims of corporate or pharmaceutical abuse get the compensation they deserve. At Consumer Safety Watch, individuals are connected with the best fitting legal representation to meet their needs, almost always at no up front cost to the victims or their families.


Top Cases

Invokana/Invokamet Amputation

Invokana and Invokamet have been linked to one complication after another since being fast tracked through the FDA approval process with far too little research or understanding of the potential [...]


Monsanto Roundup

Monsanto Roundup has been linked to serious side effects including: Leukemia; Bone Cancer; Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, other cancers, kidney disease, celiac like symptoms, and the glyphosate-based [...]


Pseudotumor Cerebri

The long-term effects of pseudotumor cerebri (PTC) can be devastating, and a pseudotumor cerebri lawsuit can help affected women pursue compensation for current and future damages associated with the [...]


Hernia Mesh

As more information comes to light about the potential for hernia mesh devices to cause devastating side effects in patients, more and more hernia mesh recipients are pursuing legal claims against [...]


Testosterone Therapy

Widely-used testosterone treatments like AndroGel and Testim may be tied to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and death among men of all ages, and now young men who took low-T drugs seeking [...]


Featured Story

Why are Women Filing Lawsuits Against a Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Drug that may Save Their Life?

Taxotere is a synthetic chemotherapy drug often used to treat breast cancer. It was falsely promoted by its manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis, as a more effective treatment option than the already established chemotherapy drug Taxol.

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